Rear seatbelt

Has anyone been stopped or noticeably been checked out by the cops yet for rear seat belt usage (or more appropriately, lack of)? I haven’t but on the first day of the new year alone, a total of 242 summonses were issued related to the new rear seatbelt ruling. Out of this amount, the most summons were issued southern-most in Johor (95 summonses) while on the other end of the Peninsular we have Penang, racking up only 6 summonses. The totals for Kedah is 12, Negri Sembilan 11, Perlis 12, Pahang 2, and Malacca 11, while the remainder summonses and states were not reported in the dailies.

Have you started buckling up at the back, or are you still going on with old ways hoping that the cops don’t spot you? I personally have not seen any specific road blocks just to check whether rear passengers are buckled up, not even an increased amount of cops on the lookout for offenders, but this is probably because the federal police in KL did not plan any special ops specifically targeting rear seatbelt rule offenders, instead just instructing cops to watch out for them during regular daily routines.