Nissan 370Z

We all know automated manual transmissions handle everything to do with gear changes, and that many AMT transmissions have a neat throttle-blip feature that helps rev-match your transmission on downshift so that the transition will be smoother and easier on the clutch too. Even some automatic transmissions do this.

Rev matching can help reduce clutch and synchro wear and tear as the gearbox doesn’t have to match the revs of a lower gear by force. Nissan’s recently unveiled Nissan 370Z has a manual transmission with a Synchro Rev Match feature, which means despite it being a pure manual, the gearbox is still able to assist you with downshifts by rev-matching the engine speed to match the higher speed it needs to be at when you shift to a lower gear. The driver can turn this off if not desired of course.

But how does the Synchro Rev Match transmission work? Peter Bedrosian, senior manager for Nissan’s product planning team explains briefly in a video after the jump.