Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda will be exhibiting two different versions of the Mazda 3 at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show this March. One will be the facelifted version of the powerful Mazda 3 MPS, and the other will be the Mazda 3 i-stop which will feature Mazda’s unique start-stop technology which accurately controls the positions of the pistons when the engine is turned off, and then utilizes the direct injection technology of Mazda to execute an ignition restart.

i-stop can restart the engine in just 0.35 seconds with an automatic transmission, which is shorter than a typical start-stop system. Mazda used to call this the Smart Idle Stop System, but it now receives a catchier brand name, the i-stop. As for the MPS, not much details about the engine or the car’s specifications at the moment except that it will continue to be powered by a MZR 2.3 litre DISI Turbo. Look after the jump for more angles of the new Mazda 3 MPS.

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