mazda logoMazda has announced the world’s first idle-start-stop system that restarts the engine without the use of a special starter, and will put the system into one of its production cars in 2009.

The proprietary system called the Smart Idle Stop System restarts the engine by injecting fuel via DISI direct injection into the cylinder and igniting it to force the piston down instead of using a conventional starter like other idle-stop systems. Mazda claims this results in a quieter and quicker restarting of the engine.

When the SISS system stops the engine, it makes sure the pistons that are in the compression stroke and expansion stroke are stopped in the position that creates the right balance of air volume to ensure a smooth automatic restart. The starting process then rotates the engine slightly backward, after of which normal ignition systems take over and the engine moves forward as normal.

Mazda also announced plans to reduce vehicle fuel consumption across its range by 30% by the year 2015. By 2011, all new gasoline engines will incorporate DISI direct injection. From 2011 onwards, Mazda will also introduce new diesel engines. The new 16X RENESIS rotary engine will see an introduction in the early 2010s.