BMW M Teaser

BMW’s teaser site for the upcoming E70 X5 M and the E71 X6 M went online last week but with not much details on the cars other than a countdown, but the car-looking geeks (or geeky car lovers?) over at Jalopnik had an idea to peek into the page’s HTML source code and found these meta tags embedded by the web development team:

Meta Tags

So now we know a few more details about the car. The twin turbo V8 have already been revealed in some development videos released awhile ago, but what’s new are the 550 horsepower output figure, the Adaptive Drive system and the HUD display.

The twin turbo V8 is likely to be related to the N63B44 engine in the X6 xDrive50i and F01 BMW 750i, but in traditional M nomenclature be tuned up and called the S63B44 or something (the V8 in the M3 is the S65), if the displacement remains of course. The N63B44 makes 408 PS and 600Nm of torque so expect the 550hp figure quoted to be accompanied by maybe at least 650Nm to 700Nm of torque?

BMW Adaptive drive manages the pitch and roll of the X-series vehicles and is already available but optional on the X5. Its essentially an active anti-roll bar system. Watch how this works after the jump, but bear in mind it might get more advanced for the X5-M/X6-M.

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