BMW M Models

BMW is taking video quite seriously now, taking advantage of various online sharing social media sites such as YouTube to push its branding messages out there. With the impending launches of the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M, you can say the BMW M brand finally goes “mainstream”, since you could say it is shedding its pure performance car origins and sneaking into products that wouldn’t really fit as an M car 10 years ago.

Purists will say BMW M is becoming more and more like AMG, hence the need for videos like this to explain the rationale of BMW M and how M products are developed. This 6 minute and 47 second video has interviews with various BMW M personnel and plenty of shots of the M cars in action. You can hear the new 4.0 V8 in the M3 in action as well. A high revving V8 that goes way past 8,000rpm (unlike America’s low-revving 5,500rpm pushrod V8s), salivating!

Watch the video after the jump.