BMW LogoA number of new products will soon roll off the assembly plants in Munich and we have some information regarding these new products. According to BMW Blog, at least three new products are in the works, including the BMW GT 6, BMW Z2 and the BMW 3 Series Supersports.

The BMW GT 6, or F14 as its code name, is basically a project to build a 4-door coupe, to rival Stuttgart’s Mercedes Benz CLS and the Porsche Panamera. This GT 6 would be based on the BMW 6 Series and is expected to be smaller than the CS Concept and to feature a rear-door opening like the Mazda RX8, with no B-pillar.

Another upcoming project is the BMW 3 Series Supersports which would be positioned as another “driver’s car” that will attract purists or enthusiasts, like the rumored BMW 1 Series Supersports which was supposed to revive the M1 sports car. Lastly, as previously reported, there would be a BMW Z2 baby roadster, which is expected to hit the market in 2011. This BMW Z2 would be based on the BMW Z4’s platform, and a concept version dubbed as the BMW Z Vision Concept is expected to be previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.