Porsche Panamera

Porsche has released 4 more hi-res images of the Porsche Panamera, together with an official announcement of the car’s debut at the Auto Shanghai 2009 show in China from the 20th of April 2009 to the 28th of April 2009. The 4-door GT will make its showroom debut after that in summer 2009.

Although the China display will only feature the normally aspirated V8 and twin turbocharged V8 models, there will also be an entry level V6 engine producing at least 300 horsepower, and the entire engine range features direct fuel injection. The twin turbocharged Panamera Turbo will come exclusively with Porsche Traction Management with active all-wheel drive, but while the V6 and V8 units come standard with rear wheel drive, PTM is an option.

Another option is the adaptive air suspension system that is an upgrade from the regular steel suspension specified on the Panamera. This air suspension can also adjust ride height on the fly, and lowers the car to the maximum setting in Sport Plus Mode. This provides a lower center of gravity. Also an option is PDCC or Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, which from its description in the press release sounds like an active anti-roll bar which auto-adjusts to fight body roll in corners but releases itself for better straight line bumpy road smoothness.

A 6-speed manual or a 7-speed PDK twin clutch transmission is available, but Porsche did not reveal in this latest press release which transmissions are standard and optional on which models. So we’ll have to wait until the China show for the full details on this new 4-door GT.

Check out the new photos and the previously released photos, all in glorious high-res, after the jump.

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