Ecotricity is a British-based wind energy company and to help promote the usage of electric vehicles in the U.K, the company initiated the development process to produce an all electric Lotus Exige about seven months ago. The car which is now in its final stage of development is able to accelerate to the 100 km/h point in about 4 second all the way to a top speed of 225 km/h.

Ecotricity, which has an ultimate goal of seeing only electric cars in the U.K, assembled six highly trained engineers to work on the project. Collectively, all six engineers have worked on the development of the De Lorean, Jaguar XJR15, Corvette ZR1, Lotus Elan as well as the legendary McLaren F1 super car. Ecotricity also encourages electric vehicles to be recharged via its wind power turbine farms, but also revealed that the electric Exige can be recharged via a house hold power outlet.

The modified Lotus Exige now features a 90mm extended chassis, Brushless electric motors from America, a 96 lithium-ion polymer battery pack from Korea and LED turn indicators. The project, which thus far is worth GBP 200,000, will go into its testing stage in a couple weeks. Ecotricity also revealed that by using electric vehicles in a large scale, U.K can cut down oil usage by 25 million tonnes, and total emissions output in the country can be reduced by 12%.