With the launch of the Porsche Panamera expected to take place at the Shangai Motor Show next month, the Stuttgart-based sports car maker has revealed five key innovations that will debut with the 4 door Panamera. A number of these innovations are things which we are already familiar with, but these features, for the first time will be implemented in the Panamera’s market segment.

First up on the list in the automatic start/stop system in conjunction with an automatic transmission. The start/stop system is coupled with Porsche’s PDK transmission that helps the Panamera to deliver 100 kilometers with 10.8 litres of fuel based on the new European driving cycle. To help improve fuel efficiency, the Panamera also comes with tires that feature minimum roll resistance.

Next up is the adaptive air suspension with additional air volume on demand. Basically, the driver can add more volume into the system on demand, that will then change the characteristics of the Gran Turismo. This system is standard for the Panamera Turbo, and optional for Panamera S and Panamera 4S.

Then, there is also an active aerodynamics system with a 4-way adjustable rear spoiler that moves up when required on the Panamera Turbo. Via its efficient management of control angles and surface geometry geared to driving conditions, the rear spoiler optimizes the Panamera’s aerodynamics, which can then help improve down force at high speeds.

The Panamera is also the first car in its segment that comes with a complete cover on the under-floor that extends to the drivetrain tunnel and rear-end silencers. This feature helps reduce both air resistance and lift forces on the axles, which in practice means lower fuel consumption and higher driving dynamics.

Lastly, the Panamera also features a lightweight construction technology typical of a sports car, that uses advanced production methods and materials. Such materials include all kinds of steel grades, light alloys such as aluminium and magnesium, as well as plastics.

The lightweight doors also feature a load-bearing structure made of laser-treated pressure-cast aluminium, an aluminium outer skin and door window frames made of thin-walled pressure-cast magnesium. This enables the Panamera S, which also features adjustable rear seats to feature an overall weight that is rated at 1,770 kilograms. Continue reading to view an image gallery.

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