Fuel Wallet GaugeOur Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad (or minister minyak as some of you call him) says he will resign from his Minister post on the day Najib takes over as PM, after his defeat in the recent UMNO general assembly.

“The UMNO election was always a good place for an assessment of ministers or elected officials. So it shows that in the delegates’ view, I have not done well enough. I accept their verdict,” says Datuk Shahrir. He did not succeed in being elected into the UMNO Supreme Council in the general assembly that is currently ongoing this week.

This isn’t intended to be a politics story of course. The point of writing this is that if his job really goes to someone else, there is a possibility that recent developments with our fuel such as the switch to a RON95 and RON97 system and Euro 2 diesel might change, if the new head honcho has his own ideas. Or it might just go on.