Fuel Wallet GaugeIt was previously announced that RON97 petrol would have its price increased (the plan was originally to float) in July 2009 to make way for a cheaper RON95 grade fuel replacing RON92 at the original RON92 prices.

This July deadline could have been pushed back as Datuk Shahrir Samad has now announced that RON95 fuel will be available from September 1st 2009 onwards, so changes to RON97 (if any) would also likely be pushed back to coincide with the date. You can’t have a two month period of having a higher priced RON97 but with no RON95 as an alternative can you? Datuk Shahrir also revealed that the higher grade Euro 2M diesel will be introduced on the same date to replace the current grade of diesel and will be priced the same as the outgoing fuel.

In related news, the RM625 cash rebate exercise that was supposed to end on the 31st this month has been extended to the 14th of April 2009 to give people who qualify but have not claimed their rebate yet time to claim it. Just a refresher – the rebate is for vehicles with engines 2,000cc and below, and for pickups and trucks with engines 2,500cc and below. Motorcycles 250cc and below are eligible to RM150.

There has been alot of news, flip flops and other announced “decisions” made leading up to this latest announcement, so please read the previous related posts linked below:

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