Citroen C-Quatre

The C4 facelift has been extended to the notchback sedan model in China and with the facelift comes a namechange – the C-Triomphe is now known as the Citroen C-Quatre.

Sedan models or at least a notchback is important in China as like Malaysian and unlike Europe, the market there favors cars with boots. The new name is an obvious tribute to the original C4 name, which they probably decided not to use in China because of the meanings associated with the number 4.

Citroen’s stand at Auto Shanghai 2009 encompasses a 1,000 square meter stand which showcases the C4 WRC rally car, the GTbyCITOREN GT5 tie-in concept car, the C3 Picacco, and the C-Elysee powered by CNG. Next up for Citroen in China will be the new DS line.

Look after the jump for more pix of the C-Quatre.

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