Citroen DS Inside Concept

Citroen will be bringing back the DS nameplate to its range of vehicles. DS is pronounced Deesse, which pronounced in French means Goddess. The DS was a showcase of technology of sorts, for a car introduced in the 1950s it had a hydropneumatic suspension, a robotized gearbox (without automatic selection though so its more of a robotized clutch), an it had an air-cooled flat-6 gearbox that was mounted in a MF layout, mid-engined, front wheel drive.

The new DS line will be targetted at those who enjoy motoring with no loss in practicality. It is meant to offer prestige, thrills and refinement, without the rigid codes of traditional upper-range models. It aims to appeal to the affluent customer who has downsized in his vehicle size but are on the lookout for more economical and intelligent products.

This new concept car called the Citroen DS Inside Concept and is a preview of the upcoming DS range. The new DS range will consist initially of 3 cars in the small, medium and large segments. Its naming system will carry the DS name, much like its mainstream cars are prefixed by “C” and its MPVs a “Picasso” suffix. The three cars will be called the DS3, the DS4 and the DS5. DS will stand for “Different Spirit”.

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