Lexus Hatchback

It looks like the new Lexus C-Premium hatchback will not be called the BS after all. Good for them too, as you can probably imagine the kind of jokes people will be making about a car called a BS, especially from those who argue against the viability of hybrids, since it appears now that the new Lexus C-Premium is to be exclusively hybrid-only.

Lexus has registered three trademarks in the US – the CT 200h, CT 300h and CT 400h. The naming scheme indicates a hybrid-only line-up with power outputs equivalent to a 2.0 litre, 3.0 litre and 4.0 litre regular internal combustion engine.

The CT 200h will probably use a version of the 1.8 litre HSD system in the new Prius, while the CT 300h will probably use the next generation HSD system that will in the Toyota/Lexus line-up replace the one in the HS 250h. The HS 250h uses the hybrid system from the Camry Hybrid, which is based around a 2.4 litre engine. Toyota seems to be replacing its 2.4 litre engines with a 2.5 litre as evident from updates to the US Camry and RAV4, so the 2.4 litre in the hybrid may also go.

The top of the line CT 400h will likely use a variant of the hybrid system in the GS 450h, which is based around a 3.5 litre V6. We know that this engine will fit the C-Premium chassis if rumours that it will be based on an Auris is true, because a variant of the Auris called the Toyota Blade uses a 3.5 litre engine in Japan.

It’ll be interesting to see how well a CT 300h holds up to an IS 220d. The IS 220d is the first ever diesel by Lexus and is offered in Europe. It features a nice 2.2 litre diesel putting out 175 horses and a nice 400Nm of torque.