Nissan GT-R

After letting the grey importers milk the GT-R like crazy for a while (over 200 registered on the road so far), the Nissan GT-R is now officially in Singapore through official Nissan importer Tan Chong. The Singaporean GT-R goes for S$299,500 which is a tad pricier than the grey importer’s price tags which hover in the region of S$250k.

Now what does that mean for Malaysians? Will Tan Chong bring in the GT-R here officially too, complete with a proper manufacturer warranty? Hopefully yes, but if not, at least Malaysian owners will probably be able to settle any issues with their cars at an official GT-R-trained Nissan service center (Tan Chong Bukit Timah Road) in Singapore. The other benefit of being an official import is that the car’s menu systems are all in English and it does not have a speed limiter.

For now if you still want a Nissan sportscar with an official manufacturer warranty you can check out the recently launched Nissan 370Z. Only 0.1 litres difference in displacement but oh what a difference the two turbos and the all-wheel drive makes!

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