Lexus GS450h

Lexus has facelifted the GS 450h. No, it’s not yet another update to the GS line as we’ve already seen that early last year but more of a cosmetic update to further differentiate the hybrid version from the “regular” GS. There’s a new front grille with thicker horizontal bars instead of the regular GS’s horizontal bars, and new rear tail lamps.

There have also been some changes to the Pre-Crash Safety system, so I guess it is safer to crash your 2010 GS450h compared to the 2009 model, in case you’re wondering. The new features are the pre-crash seatbelt and brake assist functions with pre-crash brake technology. Both front seats are fitted with new, inflator-operated active headrests, activated by a signal from the ECU in the event of a rear-end impact. The inflator slides a piston into the headrest, unlocks the mechanism and projects the headrest forwards and upwards to support the occupant’s head and reduce the risk of whiplash injury.

With the new Euro 2M diesel implemented here in Malaysia, I can tell you that there will be a barrage of eco-marketing (i.e. – good for nature and pocket) from the two main German luxury marques here in Malaysia. Lexus has its hybrid models positioned for the same purpose internationally.

There has yet to be any hybrid Lexus introduced in Malaysia yet, but with the introduction of the Prius out of the way, you would think there could be the possibility of a hybrid Lexus sometime in the future. But that remains to be seen as the hybrid Lexus cars all have their combustion engine sizes over 2.0 litres, which disqualify them from any kinds of incentives currently offered by the government.

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