This is an interesting development – you know that big starter battery that you have in your car? It’s usually a lead battery but now Porsche has the option for you to use a lithium ion battery! The li-ion starter battery weighs less than 6kg, which results in an over 10kg weight reduction in the car.

The lithium-ion starter battery will be available from January next year for the Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and the Porsche Boxster Spyder. It will be an option priced at 1,904 Euros delivered with the car. The car will be delivered with the lead battery installed, and the lithium ion battery accompanying it. The lead battery is still required as the lithium battery does not work in temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius, so winter starts won’t do. It’ll work great in Malaysia though, where the temperatures are always in the battery’s operating range.

Swapping the batteries yourself should be easy as the fastening points, electrical connections and voltage range are fully compatible with the lead models. The li-ion battery is the same length and width as the lead battery but is about 7cm shorter.

The new li-ion battery’s capacity is about 18Ah, which at first seems far lower than a lead battery’s 60Ah, but Porsche claims that a lead battery only has a practical usable capacity of about 30%, while in a lithium ion battery it’s almost 100%. The lithium ion battery can also be recharged by the alternator more quickly thanks to smaller internal resistance. The li-ion battery also allows for a greater amount of charge/discharge cycles, and a reduced self-discharge effect, thus prolonging battery life.