The Mazda CX-7 crossover is now officially available in Malaysia, sold at Bermaz Motor showrooms nationwide. Previously, if you wanted one, the only avenue was grey importers like Naza World. The model launched is the latest facelifted variant, which has a broad ‘smiley’ face. Click here to link back to our earlier post on the facelifted CX-7, which has all you need to know about the car.

I understand that the reason why it has took so long to arrive here is because the the CX-7’s turbocharged engine had issues working with our poor quality fuel, as told by a Mazda engineer back at the Mazda6 launch – well, that hasn’t improved by leaps and bounds, but since it’s now here, we presume the 234bhp/350Nm 2.3-litre DISI engine has no problem using Euro2 fuel. Power goes to all wheels via a 6-speed ‘Activematic’ auto ‘box.

As with Mazda’s CBU range, the CX-7’s equipment range is generous – keyless entry/stary, leather, HID headlamps and 18-inch wheels, sunroof and Bose stereo are among the standard kit. It is priced at RM248,008 excluding insurance, about RM50K below the seven-seat CX-9, which is selling pretty well.