Yes you read right! Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame could be serving AirAsia passengers in a stewardess uniform – but only if Lotus F1 beats Virgin Racing in the battle of the newcomers. Lotus F1 chief Tony Fernandes will have to do the same on a Virgin Atlantic flight if the Malaysian backed team loses in the duel!

“He has an airline, we have an airline and if we beat him he can come and work on our airline as a Virgin stewardess. We will make sure that the stewardess outfit is perfect. I suspect that he might ask us to reciprocate. I’ll have to check how fetching his stewardess outfits are but I’d be game to do it while totally confident of winning,” said the Briton.

AirAsia boss Fernandes replied: “Bring it on, the sexier the better. Our passengers will be delighted to be served by a Knight of the Realm. But, knowing Richard, the real challenge will be to prevent him from asking our guests ‘coffee, tea or me?’ That would be scary,” he said.

These two “warring” friends subscribe to the power of publicity, so this challenge comes as no surprise. As much as I want Lotus F1 to do well, Tony Fernandes in a tight skirt would be quite a sight! What do you think?