This is the Silver Wolf, Japanese tuner Tommy Kaira’s take on the Nissan GT-R. Fans of racing game series Gran Turismo should be familiar with this Kyoto based tuner, who interestingly started out by modifying Mercedes cars! The company has since focussed on Japanese models, and its latest project is the mighty GT-R. Honestly, which tuning house can resist tinkering with the greatest performance car to come out from Japan in recent times?

Tommy Kaira shows a lot of sense by not attempting to improve on the GT-R’s twin-turbo V6 engine, instead focussing on upgrading the brakes, suspension and exhaust system. There’s also a wide body styling pack made from carbon fibre. The Silver Wolf looks decent and not too over the top, but why not call it “Black Wolf”? We’re also not sure how much “improvement” can be made on a car as good as the Nissan GT-R, and if the differences can be felt by the average car enthusiast. What do you think?

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