Remember the Artega GT? Penned by Henrik Fisker, ex design director of Aston Martin who also drew the BMW Z8, the Artega GT is as close to a Volkswagen mid-engined roadster as they come. Why? The lightweight German sportscar is powered by VW’s 3.6-litre V6 engine mated to a six-speed DSG gearbox. That drivetrain has only 1,100 kg to pull, thanks to an aluminium spaceframe and a carbon composite bodyshell.

It has been announced that Artega’s majority shareholder and managing director Klaus Dieter Frers will resign and concentrate on his role as CEO of auto parts maker Paragon AG. Buying over his shares is Mexican private investor Tresalia Capital, who has held a minority stake since 2008. Tresalia is one of the major shareholders in the Mexican Modelo brewery which produces the world famous Corona beer, and its head, Linda Alvarado, is the granddaughter of Grupo Modelo’s co-founder.

The Artega GT will continue to be made in Delbrück, Germany, at a volume of 500 units per year. The company’s new MD is Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, formerly a bigwig at BMW, Continental and Infineon.