The image you see above is a leaked illustration of the new Chevrolet Aveo Sedan and I must say it looks pretty good, in some kind of Scirocco-Mazda2 hybrid kind of way. It remains an illustration for now, and being an American brand I doubt it’s going to make a debut at Geneva in the next few days.

The Aveo is Chevrolet’s B-segment competitor and right now it is sold in both hatchback and sedan form, although both models don’t really look related to each other, which is a good thing as hatch to sedan transitions don’t exactly come out good most of the time. With this new line-up, Chevrolet has kept the sedan and hatch’s design separate again, which is a good thing. You can see how the hatchback version will look like here. Imagine if they just took that and added a boot to it – it would be disaster.

But they took the other route which is this, and it’s pretty good looking. If you look after the jump you’ll also see some pix of the interior which features a big RPM meter along with a digital speedo. Not sure if these will make it to the production car. The Chevrolet franchise holder right now is Naza. We will probably get this new Aveo as the model it replaces was sold here in Malaysia, but first will come the new Chevrolet Cruze which is long due!

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