I don’t know about you but RUF is the first name that comes to my mind when I think of a souped up Porsche. They have a few cars in their line-up, even one based on the Cayenne, but while other Porsche models like the Cayenne gets taglines like ‘an SUV lover’s Porsche’, or the ‘poor man’s Porsche’ for the Boxster (not here in Malaysia of course), it is the 911 that is considered THE Porsche. And the first RUF RGT was based on a 911 – the type 996 to be exact. But those first incarnations of the RGT used engines based on what was originally found in the car – 6-pot boxers, souped up to produce more power than Porsche originally intended. The first RGT used the 996 GT3’s 3.6 litre engine as a base, but used the crankcase from the air-cooled version of the 3.6 litre engine.

The new RUF RGT-8 is the third generation RGT. And it no longer runs a Porsche 6-pot. RUF has junked the 6-pot (to be donated to Volkswagen Beetle dragsters somewhere across the globe?) in favor for a RUF-designed V8. It’s not the same engine as the Porsche V8s found in the Panamera and the Cayenne. Those are ‘conventional’ cross-plane crank V8s, but this RUF V8 has a 180 degree ‘flatcrank’ similiar to Ferraris. They sound much different compared to the cross-plane ‘American-ish’ rumbly sound that we typically associate with V8s. Ever hear a Ferrari ‘rumble’? No, they have high pitched superbike-like howls, sounding more like two Civic Type R engines screaming in unison rather than an American V8.

The RUF V8 is 4.5 litres in size is a high revving monster weighing less than 200kg, producing 550 horsepower at 8,500rpm and 500Nm of torque at 5,400rpm. That’s more power than what the high-revving 3.8 litre boxer in the 911 GT3 RS makes by a good 100 horses. The engine is built on an aluminum crankcase with dry sump lubrication. Each V bank has its own throttle butterfly. Waterpump, alternator and the aircond compressor are all driven directly by the engine without any belts, and are located in the lowest position possible. The engine puts power to the rear wheels only, via 6-speed manual transmission.

Look after the jump for hi-res pix of the new RGT-8.

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