The Toyota FT-86 Sports Concept made its European debut in Geneva, and although it was tucked away in a corner, received plenty of attention. I observed a young boy looking at the rotating FT-86 longingly for a good 20 seconds, and wondered “there’s no reason why Toyota would not want to produce this car” especially after the great reception it got for the AE86’s spritual successor.

Compact dimensions, lightweight, boxer engine, six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive – there’s little not to like for the enthusiast, and Toyota adds to the yum factor by showing us a family portrait of the FT-86 with past masters such as the Supra, Celica GT-Four and of course, the AE86. Those cars have no decendent in today’s Toyota lineup, which has nothing to entice enthusiasts, something Akio Toyoda himself is intent of changing. I personally hope that the present troubles the company is facing won’t derail its plan to bring “fun” back into driving.

For now, enjoy the official images of the FT-86 after the jump; some of them look good as wallpapers!

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