Toyota FT-HS Front

It’s finally here, some kind of glimpse of the new AE86 spiritual successor. It’s even got the numbers 86 in its name. The new Toyota FT-86 Concept will be displayed at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow and its resemblance to the Toyota FT-HS Concept probably means it’s a more productionised evolution of the FT-HS, or that’s just how new Toyota sportscars are going to look like.

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Toyota FT-HS Rear

I’m glad to see that Toyota has stayed true to their promise of a rear wheel drive layout, though this has been made easier by the absorption of Subaru into their group. The platform has a 2,570mm wheelbase, which is shorter than the latest generation Impreza but longer than the previous generation’s. Not sure if the chassis is some shortened variant of the Impreza’s but a Toyota engineer claims the platform is unique to this model.

Toyota FT-HS Back

The wheelbase is rather compact actually, slightly shorter than that of a latest model Vios. Other dimensions of the FT-86 include a 4,160mm length, a 1,760mm width and a 1,260mm height, and the FT-86 seats four. It has a 2.0 litre boxer engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission though it’s not mentioned if this is normally aspirated or force inducted. The concept is fitted with brakes from ADVICS, a JV company formed between AISIN SEIKI, DENSO, Sumitomo Electric and Toyota.

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