Toyota FT-86 C-45 Boxer

Want to see the new Toyota FT-86 Concept in action? Well, you can’t see a real one on the roads in action just yet, but thanks to Gran Turismo we have this video that features the FT-86 in motion. The video also lets us have a glimpse into the car’s engine bay. There’s not that much to be seen really but we do get to see a virtual rendering of the engine, called the C-45 Boxer D-4S Boxer.

Toyota FT-86 Fuji Speedway

There’s also something else about the FT-86 that I’ve just noticed that I did not notice before when I was rushing to publish the story. Look closely at the hi-res photo of the interior where you can see abit of the dash (I’ve cropped the relevant bit in the photo above). There’s a small image of the Fuji Speedway!

Is it just decoration, or can the FT-86’s dash display show you where you are on the track so you can anticipate corners just like in a videogame? After all, Fuji definitely means something special to Toyota, it even named its performance Lexus range after the circuit – F in IS-F and F-Sport refers to Fuji.

Watch the video after the jump.

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