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Remember the Luxgen MPV by Taiwanese company Yulon Motor? They basically licensed an older Renault Espace chassis as the base for a 4,800mm long MPV using a 200 horsepower 2.2 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder to lug up to 7 people around. The name Luxgen is derived from combining the words Luxury and Genius and is meant to reflect the qualities that Yulon have attempted to build into the MPV.

Back in early 2009 we revealed that the centerpiece of the MPV would be an advanced in-car computer system powered by Microsoft Windows CE with features such as night vision. The Taiwanese have massive experience in the electronics industry and Windows CE should be no stranger to them. This month, Yulon has released more information on their very own Taiwanese ‘iDrive’.

Luxgen MPV Suppliers
Luxgen seems eager to dispel any rumors that its MPV is not ‘tried and true’ – they released this full list of component suppliers. They are not interested in claiming the MPV is 100% Taiwan made. Click the image above to enlarge.

Luxgen’s in-car computer will be called the Think+, and it was developed by HTC. HTC is a very familiar name to us – they are a very big name in smartphones running on Microsoft and Google platforms. I’ve had a few HTC phones before – the 838 Pro (Dopod), the HTC Touch 3G and now the Google Nexus One by HTC. The Think+ system by HTC runs on the new Windows CE Automotive operating system. It can do in-car audio/video, telecommunications, GPS navigation, safety alerts, run apps, and control vehicle settings.

There are also a few driver assist systems built into Think+ such as Eagle View+ which is a 360 degree camera, Night Vision+ which is a night vision system that probably uses infrared cams, and LDWS+ which is a Lane Departure Warning System. Luxgen also has a 2nd model coming up – an SUV.