Remember Bugatti’s 16C Galibier concept? Unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt show to a very select audience, the “four-door Veyron” remains a concept for now, but new images have surfaced showing the Galibier in black, looking much sleeker than the initial car which had a two-tone blue and mirror like aluminium finishing.

Black allows us to focus more on the 8.0-litre W16 powered Galibier’s interesting detailing and body shape. The chrome strip that starts from the base of the A-pillar wraps around the doors and continues after the front wheels to make a loop with the other side, only interrupted by the imposing grille. The sloping rear sports four exhaust tips on each side and a spine brake light that divides the rear screen. This spine runs the length of the car – it looks like a fish when seen from the top.

The new gallery also shows the amazing detailing of the sumptuous four-seat cabin, which is covered in tan leather and fine wood. There’s also a full set of matching Galibier luggage, because for the owner of a car as exclusive as this (if it ever makes production), even limited edition Louis Vuittons won’t do.

Amazingly excessive! Gawk at the pictures after the jump! Previous set of images can be viewed here.

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