Here’s what Mazda France came up with to celebrate 20 years of the MX-5 in the country – a matt black version of Mazda’s super successful roadster. To be paraded at the Lors du salon du cabriolet, coupé & SUV show, this (relatively) sinister looking MX-5 comes with matching black alloys. It is based on the folding metal top 2.0i variant, which 2.0-litre MZR engine puts out 158 bhp and 188 Nm of torque via the rear wheels.

I would take out the chrome surround on the “mouth”, but this MX-5 looks quite cool if you ask me, although the lady in the gallery looks very intimidating! Matt black seems to be very “in” these days, and many in the car modifying scene are opting for this finish – I’ve seen everything from Perodua Myvis to Nissan GT-Rs in matt black running around KL. Would you have your car in matt black? And for those who have already joined “the dark side”, is it easy to care for and maintain?

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