The SLS AMG is the AMG division’s first exclusive to AMG only car and it’s now here in Malaysia, priced at RM1,999,999 OTR without insurance! Of course, if you want a gold one you’ll have to pay more. In Europe, the car is sold at 149,000 Euros but you’ll actually have to pay an additional 19% VAT tax which brings the price up to 177,310 Euros. That’s about RM 892k. Add our Malaysian taxes and you’ll end up with way over double the amount, but I guess it’s all for a good cause.

For that 2 million buckaroos with a ringgit change you get a 6.2 litre V8 producing 571 PS at 6,800rpm and 792Nm of torque at 4,750rpm. The motor is a M156 massaged to be extra special installed in the SLS, rechristened the M159. It gets a new intake system, revised valves and cams, and a dry sump instead of a wet sump. On the inside, there’s plenty of real metal and dead cow, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia assures.

The car you see above is the first right hand drive SLS AMG in the world and it’ll be on display rotation at various locations and showrooms in Malaysia. Look after the jump for photos and a video from the preview this morning.

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