Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG "Desert-Gold"

An SLS AMG with a striking gold paint in Dubai – please don’t tell me you were surprised! The next step is probably one with a fully chromed paint and then we’ll see diamond-crusted bodywork or perhaps a body made of pure gold but for now we’re still at the gold paintjob stage for this recently unveiled flagship car.

This new paintjob is called Desert Gold and it has a matte finish with gloss black accents and black AMG wheels measuring a massive 19 inches at the front and a larger 20 inches at the rear – most of us just settle for a staggered setup but this particular car gets a full inch size up!


You can’t buy an SLS AMG with this paintjob from factory just yet but Mercedes-Benz says given enough demand, they could make this paintjob available. But it’s not like the owner cannot afford to pony up some cash and have this paint done aftermarket by themselves, so why the wait? Currently there are two matte paintjobs already available for the SLS AMG from the factory – AMG Monza grey magno and AMG alubeam silver.

According to AMG, the Middle East is the division’s 4th largest market after USA, Germany and Japan. The other car featured here is the Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR “Edition 79” which is only available in the Middle East. Only 79 units are available and it is finished in only one colour – designo magno alanite grey.

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