A much better looking R-Class is coming our way. These leaked images of the updated Mercedes-Benz R-Class, which will make its world debut at the New York Auto Show, show a comprehensively revised front end. The odd oval headlamps of the original R-Class (with tumors growing from their bases) have been replaced by handsome wing-shaped units and the new grille is bigger and bolder, which makes the three pointed star now look a bit small. The overall face is more angular, and there are quad fog lamps residing within the air intakes.

Apart from a new rear bumper and tail lamp design, little else has changed, including the ageing dash design. This could probably mean that Mercedes agrees with all of us at this blog that the major issue with its Sports Tourer’s design was the cartoon-ish face, and has focused on the matter. Stuttgart must be also wondering why its big luxury family hauler never really caught on. Will the new looks improve the R’s fortunes?

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