BHPetrol has officially launched the latest iteration of the Race Ace racing series. Called the Race Ace 3, it ventures into the virtual reality world unlike previous Race Ace events that included a remote-controlled car racing tournament in 2007 and a go-kart challenge in 2009. The Race Ace 2 Go-Kart Challenge managed to pull in up to 1,000 attendees during its first heat at the Shah Alam Go-Kart Track.

The Grand Finals event went on to become one of the most biggest go-kart races in Malaysia and podium finishers walked home with prizes worth up to RM60,000. The Race Ace 3 happens on and you just have to visit any BHPetrol station and take a picture of yourself against the Race Ace 3 Weekly Photo Board. You will have to visit the website above, upload the picture and register.

Race Ace 3 runs for 10 consecutive weeks between March 29th till June 6th 2010. You are expected to race 3 laps around a virtual track and will have to attempt all 10 weekly rounds as well as answer a simple question about the AXLE BHPetrol Racing Team. 10 winners will be selected each week and all 100 will be invited to take part in the Grand Final event where participants will race against each other via game consoles.

Log on to the website to put your “virtual racing” skills to the test and put your self in the running to win prizes worth RM50,000.