Here’s a cool marketing approach by Peugeot UK for the RCZ 2+2 Coupe, which will be launched in Britain this month. Titled “It Chooses You”, the online campaign gives people an opportunity to win the car. Nothing unusual there. But instead of advertising to you, people have to advertise themsleves to the RCZ, for it to pick him/her as an owner. This line says it all: “The RCZ is this year’s ultra desirable sports coupe. As such, it doesn’t need to advertise to you – you advertise to it.” Don’t you just love the attitude? ;)

The competition on Facebook will contain ads that look like typical classified car ads but feature real people advertising themselves to the RCZ. Alongside the RCZ’s FB page, there’s a micro-site ( where entrants can get their creative juices flowing and create ads with the help of Facebook Connect. The RCZ will choose its partner on 11th June, and 150 pairs of tickets to the Goodwood Moving Motor Show will also be up for grabs. Entrants may even find fame as the best entries will be featured in an online ad campaign for Peugeot UK.

While we seldom get such interactive car campaigns here in Malaysia, we are getting the RCZ, which should arrive in Malaysia later this year. We’ve driven it already, so watch out for the review that’s coming your way soon!