The new MINI Countryman is targeted to those who love the outdoors, as its name suggests, and this cute picnic set called the MINI Countryman Getaway Package should be a desirable option. I can really see myself using this when passing by a spectacular view, or when needing some fresh air and a coffee break.

The set, which includes two folding wooden chairs with canvas surfaces (in Racing Check or Union Jack) can be stowed away in the Countryman’s dual-layer load compartment floor, which is separated from the regular storage space by a lid. Pockets can be attached to the sides of the seats using press studs, while a carry bag makes them easy to transport. The seats can also be converted into tables with the help of a wooden board!

Another feature of the Getaway Package is the MINI Five-In-One Cover – a poncho, sleeping bag, awning, picnic blanket and bed cover in one. The loops and ties on the four corners help to make the most of the cover’s various functions, and the bag for the cover doubles up as a handy cushion.

Other “outdoor” Countryman accessories include stylised Wellington boots, the MINI Parka, and t-shirts for him and her. More merchandise to make more money, but we all love to wear our brand on our sleeves, don’t we? Images after the jump.

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