Citroën’s DS3, the “anti-retro” rival to BMW’s MINI, was conceived as a customisable small car where unique colours and trims can be specified in (dashboard, seat, key fob) and out (floating roof, wing mirrors, rubbing strips, wheels) for each car to have its own personality. The offbeat French brand is taking this a step further; instead of just colours, future DS3 buyers will be able to choose from various motifs.

With that in mind, Citroën has launched an international design competition, inviting aspiring designers (or anyone for that matter) to customise the DS3’s roof and dashboard. In addition to a 5,000 euro cash prize, the winning design will be presented at Citroën’s international showcase on Champs Elysees, the C_42, in October this year to mark the start of the Paris Motor Show. As an ultimate reward, the design will be put into production, available in 2011 as part of a special DS3 collection.

A series of video briefs will be available on to give you an idea of what they’re looking for. ‘Daring’ and ‘professionalism’ are the watchwords of the jury, which will include senior representatives from GQ, the Cartier Foundation and Louis Vuitton. Last date of submission is 4 July.

Click here to view images of the DS3 Racing that was unveiled at Geneva for some inspiration.