Land Rover has confirmed that they will be bringing out hybrid versions of Range Rover models which will be called Range Rover_e. Apparently set for a 2013 launch, the diesel electric hybrid drivetrain will be introduced to the public in a Range Rover Sport body. Land Rover suggested that all their models have the potential of being driven by the hybrid system, and developing a petrol hybrid (mainly for US and Middle East) would be easy after mastering the harder to produce diesel system.

The chosen transmission is the ZF eight-speed automatic and the hybrid system adds about 110kg to the weight of the car. It has been reported that a 3.0-litre V6 diesel motor will partner a 25kW electric motor. the SUV will be able to run solely on electric power for 32 km. CO2 emissions will be less than 100 g/km, which is nothing short of amazing in such a big car. Currently, only eco models of superminis achieve that sort of figure.

Tests will start late this year with a small fleet of five units.