You can’t buy most cars with $3000 especially not a Lamborghini, but Chen Jen Miao, a 25 year-old mechanic from China proves critics wrong. Well, its not the same Lamborghini as those that roll out from Sant’Agata, but the amount of effort and commitment to the cause warrants some attention to this project.

Not made for any other reason than personal satisfaction, Jen Miao made his Lambo from scratch and used plans and sketches that he got off the internet. He used around $3000 worth of materials and started work on it a year ago, while maintaining a full time job.

Official specifications are a bit rough and top speed is somewhere between 97 to 145 km/h. Though for someone who has realised his dream of owning a Lamborghini, I doubt that it matters one bit.

Check out the home made “supercar” after the jump

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