X6 M by Schnitzer – the ultimate cure for lack of attention

Famous BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has toyed around with the BMW X6 M. Simply called the X6 M by Schnitzer, the Aachen-based company is currently working on a performance upgrade which, in combination with delimiting the 250 km/h top speed and a sports exhaust, “will bring a further perceptible increase in the power of the X6 M”.

If you’re already contented with the giant BMW’s performance, AC offers carbon fibre engine styling, front spoiler, rear roof spoiler, rear wing, rear diffuser and design elements for the front skirt and chromed front grille. Optional bonnet vents with chromed centre webs are also available. The X6’s bonnet top made from carbon fibre with a plexiglas “panoramic window” so people can gawk at your engine. “Sports Trim” tailpipes complete the changes.

The standard X6 M is already 1.98 metres wide but Falcon wheel arches add an extra 40 mm on each side. You will have an option of 20, 22 or 23-inch rims to match them. Forged alloys are also available. Inside, the instrument panel conversion – 360 km/h speedo and rev counter with AC logos, white dials, red pointers and red lighting – is the highlight. The carbon trim and the AC Schnitzer steering wheel spokes in new “black Exclusiv” design and the silver bits are all in aluminium.

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