FIA President Jean Todt has expressed intention to push for the 107% qualifying rule in Formula 1. This would mean that cars that aren’t within 107% of the pole time will be excluded from the race. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has said that he will back the decision to reapply the rule.

As it stands, if FIA wants an immediate rule change they would have to get a 100% agreement from all the teams competing this season, which is highly unlikely as the rookies will oppose. But if they wait till the 2011 season, only 70% agreeable teams are required.

Ecclestone was quoted by a French publication as saying: “We will introduce the rule, next year and not this year.” The same report also said Bernie is aiming for an even tighter 105% rule for the 2011 season.

Put into perspective, 107% of Sebastien Vettel’s Bahrain pole time is about 8 seconds, which would mean that none of the HRT drivers would have raced. If it was 105%, all three new teams including best of the lot Lotus would struggle to qualify. This move, if implemented, will force rookie teams to speed up or risk being left out.