Possibly tired of drawing up Ferraris, Pininfarina tries their hand at the whole eco car thing and have released this electric car concept called Nido EV. A development of the similarly named 2004 concept, the Nido EV, which is slightly bigger than a Smart fortwo, is designed both to explore the electrification of a small city car and a modular floorpan.

The body structure of this first running prototype is a tubular steel frame, while the final version will have an aluminium space frame. The structure was designed to adapt to four different configurations: 2-seater, 2+2, pickup and light van. They can be completely electric or hybrid. Doesn’t it sound like a certain concept from a rival Italian design house that captured Proton’s attention?

The Nido EV is powered by a 30 kW electric motor housed in the rear of its 900 kg shell. With 125 Nm of instantaneous torque, the 100 km/h mark is reached in only 6.7 seconds, faster than a Golf GTI. Top speed is electronically limited to 120 km/h. Instead of the common NiMh or Li-ion batteries, the Nido is powered by salt batteries. The Zebra Z5 Ni-NaCl battery is said to guarantee high levels of safety and reliability and a full charge delivers 140 km of emissions free driving. The battery is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Also, as if already expecting plenty of questions about the Nido’s unfinished interior, Pininfarina explains that the cabin is still at the “technical prototype” stage, with no attempt at stylistic research. Gallery after the jump.

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