Toyota Motors recently issued a press statement regarding an issue with their VGRS steering system globally. We can now confirm that a few models in Malaysia has been affected by the problem, which include the Lexus LS460L and the LS460. Cars in Malaysia that may be affected is said to be lower than 10.

Lexus Malaysia will be in contact with the respective owners to consolidate the issue. The VGRS system helps the handling of the car. This is done by providing more stability when driving at high speeds and better manoeuvring at low speeds.

The problems is at low speeds, when the steering wheel exhibits a temporary steering wheel off-centre condition which happens after driving away from a tight turn where the steering was at a full lock position. the steering wheel usually will be corrected after 5 seconds of this happening but feedback from customers has spurred the company to correct this little niggle in the system.

Fortunately it doesn’t greatly affect safety and this will not happen when changing lanes or turning at intersections. UMW Toyota Motor have stated that they will be booking in the owners as soon as the parts are available to carry out the ‘corrective measure’ and customers can expect to wait no longer than an hour.

Customers who have booked the LS460L or LS460 Sport needn’t fear as Lexus Malaysia have maintained that all the models will go through corrective measures before they’re delivered.

For more information customer can also contact their helpline which is 1-800-8-LEXUS (53987)