This Brazilian market TVC for the Volkswagen Amarok features an Indian boy (who grows up into a man) going about his life with his trusty elephant who seems to come in useful in so many ways. And then his elephant kind of falls sick or something… time for the dude to get a replacement. Or so I thought… check the video out after the jump, it kinda brought the smile to my face and the Amarok looks pretty damn good too!

The Amarok is a ladder frame truck with a choice of either a 2.0 litre single turbo diesel engine with 120hp and 340Nm or a 2.0 litre sequential twin turbo diesel with 161hp and 400Nm. Not exactly Navara-beating numbers but the engine is smaller at 2.0L versus 2.5L.

What’s interesting is that two different 4WD systems are available – a high-low 2WD-4WD switchable version that we’re familiar with and also 4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive that uses a Torsen differential to distribute drive at a 40:60 ratio so that the wheel with the best traction gets the most power.

Anyway check out the video after the jump.

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