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The Sydney Police Force in Australia has taken delivery of its latest patrol car, the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Alfa’s chic baby isn’t the first interesting car to be driven by the coppers from Down Under however; past desirable police cars include the Holden HSV GTO, Fiat 500, Lotus Exige, Chrysler 300C and Alfa Romeo GT.

But isn’t the MiTo a little too tame and dainty to chase down big Aussie muscle? Before you imagine a fashionable, petite lady chasing down a burly beer guzzling guy down the street, the Alfa’s role in the Force isn’t to pursue, but to advocate, although with 155 bhp/230 Nm from its 1.4-litre turbo, it shouldn’t do too badly when duty calls.

“When it comes to visibility, the MiTo has proven to be an exceptional car, attracting attention and interest like no other car, with its primary role as providing a talking point from which we can discuss road safety,” Chief Superintendent Bradley Shepherd explained.

“We see this as practical and highly cost effective way that we can play our role in a safer community for everyone. Our cars assist the Police in making contact with a wide range of people so they can discuss and offer help with road safety and crime prevention, as well as providing the practical assistance of transport. We believe that this is a very positive role that we can play in the community,” said Andrei Zaitzev, GM of Alfa Romeo Australia.

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