The Mitsuoka Orochi is one of the most scary looking cars of all time, but the design is deliberate since the car is inspired by a monster from Japanese folklore that has eight heads and eight tails! Introduced as a concept at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, the serpent started life as a production car in 2007.

“Yamata no Orochi was a gigantic snake with a body that was the length of eight hills. Its fiery orange eyes struck fear in all who saw it, and its belly was blood red. This giant had eight heads and eight tails. Mitsuoka Orochi’s stylish body replicates the firm muscles of the Yamata no Orochi, the power and energy of the legendary snake captivating your attention whichever angle you view it,” explains the car’s designer Takanori Aoki.

Mitsuoka, a company more famous for rebodied mass market cars with old world styling, has now introduced a special edition of the Orochi called Premium Gold. As its name suggests, the car has a new gold paint job along with additional spoilers at the front and rear. Only 20 Premium Gold Orochis will be made.

The hand crafted Orochi is powered by a Toyota 3.3-litre V6 which produces 233 bhp and 328 Nm of torque paired to a five-speed automatic – not bad, but the pace won’t be as fearsome as the looks with those kind of figures. Interested? The Orochi is actually available in Malaysia, alongside Mitsuoka’s other “classic cars”. It was launched here back in August 2007, with Malaysia being the second country to sell it after Japan. Last we heard, it carried a price tag of RM1,025,000! The local distributor is Able Automobile, which has a showroom in Petaling Jaya opposite the University Hospital.

Gallery of the Premium Gold is after the jump. Also inside are images of Mitsuoka’s 2007 event featuring the Orochi, dug up from Danny’s image archive.

Mitsuoka Orochi Premium Gold

Mitsuoka event in Malaysia, 2007