Ever thought that the noise from the Ferrari 599 GTB wasn’t loud enough for you? Well, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo could have a solution to that problem as he has just announced that a roadster version of the 12 cylinder engined car will go into production, allowing you to listen to the engine roar unobstructed.

“This is a very unusual car and it will certainly surprise you,” said Montezemelo. “It’s only going to be available to a very select number of clients who’ve been asking us for an open-top version of the 12-cylinder for quite some time now. We won’t be unveiling it at a show though. Instead, we’ll be organizing private presentations.”

This isn’t the first V12 convertible from Ferrari though, as previously there was the 575 Superamerica which was unveiled in 2004. The car had an unusual folding system as the panoramic sunroof lifted straight up and plopped backward on to the boot, to avoid compromising luggage space. Only gripe about the setup is the fact that it looked like a convertible Suzuki Vitara with the top up.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed in regards to the roof system it will use, but you can always trust Ferrari to do what’s best for its supercars. For such limited numbers I’d expect a simple cloth roof to be used instead of designing a complicated hard top convertible system. What you can expect though, is an increase in price to pay for the work that goes into stiffening the bodywork.

The original hardtop 599 GTB costs around $300,000 when it first hit the market and featured a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine that produces 611 bhp and an incredible 607 Nm of torque. We could expect to see a modified version of this engine housed within the new roadster to make up for the extra weight of the extra body stiffening.

Montezemolo has even hinted that there might be a suffix added to the title and said it will be a romantic name, along the lines of Fiorano, Italia and Maranello. Thus the best this writer can come up with is something like Venice or Verona. Ferrari 599 GTB Verona – sounds good? What do you think the new car should be called?