Owners of Porsche models such as the Boxter, Cayman, 911 and the Panamera usually have the option of a Sports Chrono Package thrown in with their car. This adds a sport button to the centre console that changes the management of the engine revs, suspension behaviour, and throttle response.

Alternatively if you opt for the ‘Sports Chrono Package Plus’, it adds a memory function to the system and allows you to review some of your ‘racing’ data on the Porsche PCM (multi-function display).

A company that makes the software Chronolyze have said that they can extract more information from the memory chip as data on the PCM is just the tip of the iceberg. This is because the ‘Sports Chrono Package Plus’ records vehicle speed, engine speed, transmission gear, steering angle, lateral g-forces, engine temperature, outside temperature, distance travelled, altitude and GPS coordinates. It seems that all that information can be downloaded from the car via Bluetooth or an iPod connection in the form of a text file.

Chronolyze is able to collate all this information and produce a computational representation of the information. The organised data is used to produce a 3D analysis of the laps along with a graph. The result is a pretty funky 3D representation of the laps you’ve taken superimposed on an actual map of the tarmac you’ve been burning up, thanks to the GPS coordinate data.

If you get bored looking at your telemetry, you can share it, rate it and even compare sessions from multiple files making sure you have hours of fun. All this available online for free, all you need now is a Porsche.