Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber, who walked away from a spectacular crash recently, will use his team mate’s former car affectionately named “Lucious Liz” at Silverstone this weekend.

Vettel who has a habit of naming all his cars, stopped using the RB6 chassis due to damage sustained. Liz was then replaced by their winter testing chassis which was subsequently nicknamed “Randy Mandy.” Webber’s former car is currently being worked on by mechanics and will be used as a spare monocoque for the British Grand Prix.

Webber has spoken fondly of his former race winning chassis stating “I don’t get attached to cars, but clearly that one was unique. They’ll probably give me something else (now), But the car did a great job for me in two cases. It won races for me, and it looked after me when I needed it.”

He also went on to say that the relationship between him and Vettel was amicable. At this point though, it will be good to hear more about race related technicalities rather than relationships between drivers who are clearly trying to maintain a normal professional working relationship.