Citroen have announced that they will make on board WiFi access available on most of their model line-up, which will include the new C3, C3 Picasso, C4, C4 Picasso, C5, C6 and DS3 models. The way it works is with the use of a 3G WiFi router much like a MiFi device which will act as a modem/router. It creates a wireless network within the vehicle when used with a 3G SIM card. This allows access to the internet using devices such as laptops, mobile phones and portable games consoles.

If by any chance you wish to take your vehicle abroad, the system deactivates itself avoiding expensive data costs. Citroen will charge you £545 for the pleasure of the internet in your car. With this move, Citroen joins the ranks of various other car makers which are offering MiFi-like devices in their cars such as Audi, GM and Chrysler. BMW’s iDrive also has the ability to use a SIM card to access data services however you can only use it with iDrive and not any external third party device.